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What is is a website that is designed to help you track the deals offered by Woot under its website,
Woot is an online merchant, usually selling one product every day. You can find more information about Woot in their FAQ.

Here is the schedule of a typical day on at midnight central time, a new product is posted, along with the informations about it (product description, price, buying options, ...). The product is then immediatly available for sale and Woot's visitors can purchase it by clicking on the "I want one" button in Woot's main page. Woot users can start discussing the product on the Woot community forums, which can be accessed from the Woot mainpage by clicking on the "Discuss this deal" button. After a while, depending on the available quantity and the product, the product can sell out, and the "I want one" button is replaced by a "Sold out" picture. This means that the product is no longer available. And at midnight central time, 24h after the product has been posted, it gets replaced by a new one, no matter if it sold out or not, and a new cycle starts :)

Approximately once a month, Woot organizes a special event, called a Woot-Off. During a Woot-Off, the Woot website goes crazy and start selling products one after the other. Instead of waiting the next day to post a new product, the products are posted one after the other, as soon as the previous product is sold out. Considering that most items during a Woot-Off are proposed in very low quantities, the Woot-Off are usually very fast paced. This makes it hard to follow all the products, and it is very easy to miss a great deal (because yes, Woot is full of deals). We have designed to help you follow the Woot-Off. Instead of looking at the Woot webpage regularly and manually refreshing it to see if there is a new product, you can look at the webpage, which is automatically refreshed at a regular interval. When a new item is posted by Woot, the webpage automatically updates itself on your screen, and you hear an audio alert. You then have the option to buy the item from Woot, or to go to the discussion forums offered by Woot, depending on which link you use in the webpage.

Because is essentially a Woot mirror, it is designed to have a similar "look'n'feel" that the Woot website. This does not mean that and Woot are run by the same people: in fact, they are not, not at all. Thus, any purchase you make will be fulfilled by Woot, and staff will never have access to any personal information that you may provide Woot with so that they can process your orders. is owned by a group of Woot enthusiasts who wanted to bring something to the Woot community. When you click the "I want one" or the "Discuss this" links on the main page, you are being redirected to Woot's website. Again, does not have access to any information about your Woot account, about your purchases or more generally about any personal information you provide Woot with, even if you reach the Woot website through a link on

Please do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any question about We will be glad to answer.

How does BOC Auto Buy work?

If you are seeing this page after clicking test on the homepage then congratulations it worked! Had this been an actual BOC then the buy page would have loaded here. Please continue reading to be sure you understand how it works and how to be prepared when a real BOC comes up. doesn't fully purchase a BOC for you... you have to do some of the work! When a Bag of Crap appears on we will display a popup and you will hear a siren to inform you that there is a BOC and will also open up the buy link in another window for you. All you will have to do is enter your PayPal password or credit card security code and click the big orange button to buy your crap!

Check the following to make sure you're prepared when the BOC comes up:

1. Make sure you are logged into woot and that you have checked remember me, every second counts when a BOC comes up and wasting time logging in will hurt your chances as getting a BOC.
2. Make sure your address and credit card or PayPal information is saved on, again fumbling for your wallet while trying to buy the BOC is going to waste time.
3. Make sure you know your PayPal password or credit card security code, you will have to type this in to woot before buying the crap and there is no way around this.
4. Woot can be tricky, in the past they have hidden a secret coupon code on the front page that had to be used when buying the crap. Check the front page of to see if there are any special ordering instructions.


The sound isn't working what should I do?:

First check to be sure that you are not blocking javascript on If javascript is not blocked you should also check to be sure you have the latest version of flash player. Also make sure that you have not clicked the mute button by mistake.

I keep seeing pop-up blocked when on, are you really using pop-up ads?:

We would never use pop-up ads, the little google ad at the bottom of the page is annoying enough! What you are probably seeing is the BOC Autobuy trying to work. After clicking the test button for the autobuy you may see that a pop-up ad was blocked, if you want the autobuy feature to work in the future you should choose to always allow popups from I promise you that we will never have any real popup ads!

The links to look weird are you trying to steal my info!?!?:

We would never try anything like that! These links are actually commission junction referral links. We have recently joined the woot minions program which allows us to make a small percentage of whatever you spend on This helps us pay the server bills with basically no negative effects on the users of

Changes and updates:

- Fixed more bugs with the site
- Added past woot database for tech.woot and sport.woot

- Added tech.woot and sport.woot trackers
- Fixed some bugs causes by changes to the woot API

- Fixed some typos (Thank you to those who contacted me!)
- Added moofi.woot tracker and past item database
- Fixed contact page problem (some browsers didnt display the form field values)

- Fixed some small bugs on the site
- Updated code to use woot affiliate links (I know it might be annoying but the servers dont pay themselves)
- Updated the contact page to use a better contact form
- Added the ability to select the sound to be played when a new item comes up (Email me if you have a sound you would like added)
- Enabled HTTPS on the servers
- Added IPV6 support if you are ipv6 ready you can access the site at
- Made a facebook and twitter and added like button to the page... LIKE US!

- Fixed the Sound (Now using soundmanager2 to play sounds)
- Updated the BOC autobuy and added the ability to enable and disable it
- Removed the broken compare prices link
- Added tracker for home.woot
- optimized and compressed javascript for faster page load times
- Fixed the past items database and added links to index
- Updated this about page to include more information

- Added tools.woot tracker
- Removed pop.woot tracker
- Moved server from lighttpd to nginx
- Updated code to work with woot xml changes


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